Reset To Accomplish Your Goals

How are those new year’s resolutions doing? Great? Not so great? Kinda working on it still but also kinda ready to surrender?

Yeah, me too. But it’s not gonna happen!

I’m re-aligning myself to my goals, and I’m sharing that process with you to get us all back on track!

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Yoga Tips, Tricks, & Benefits

I am pretty sure most people at this point know that yoga has something to do with stretching. Some people even already know it has to do with stretching AND breathing. Also, a decent yoga practice always has some kind of meditation, usually at the end, referred to as “Shavasana.” 


Even in my somewhat conservative city we have yoga classes in all our gyms, on college campuses, and plenty of yoga studios. It’s everywhere, and even if you don’t realize it, I bet you know at least one yogi. Maybe you think you don’t, and maybe you just won’t realize it until you hitch a ride with them somewhere and have to move their yoga mat off of your seat.

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7 Low-Pressure Weight Loss Tips

You need to stop putting pressure on yourself.

Yes, have a goal. Yes, plan out where you want to be in a year, but for your own sanity, take the pressure off.  

You do not have to look perfect, you do not have to work out for five hours a day, run ten miles every morning, or spend a ton of money on a gym to start and keep your weight off. You just have to move. Follow the tips below to begin your journey.

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