7 Low-Pressure Weight Loss Tips


Do you remember being a kid and being able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight, and people tell you your body won’t stay that way, but you never believe it’ll catch up to you? Well, that’s basically my entire life story with regards to my weight.

Over the last 2 years, I have gone from a somewhat regularly active 125lb girl, to a 170lb, 5’2” out-of-shape girl. I used to tell myself I would NEVER let myself get passed 130 pounds, and now I am just trying to stop growing.

I could blame a lot of things for the fast weight gain; my metabolism slowing as I’ve aged into my twenties, a shoulder injury gained from a horrible car accident in October 2016, or my loving relationship with my husband (love really does fatten you up), but really, it’s on me.

I like food, instant gratification, and I have no sense of moderation or self-discipline. Also, when I was active before, it was almost always for the wrong reasons. The first time I really went to the gym was because I was with someone that made me feel like I had to, and since then it’s been all external, appearance-based reasons.

And now I am sitting here, telling myself I will not breach the 175-pound mark on the scale, because it’s no longer about my appearance (well, maybe a little bit); it’s about my health, my happiness, and manifesting what I want into my life.

It is hard to attract good things to yourself when you feel like crap because you’re bloated from fast food.

Here is what I have discovered: You need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself!

Yes, have a goal. Yes, plan out where you want to be in a year, but for your own sanity, please take the pressure off.

You do not have to look perfect, you do not have to work out for five hours a day, run ten miles every morning, or spend a ton of money on a gym to start and keep your weight off. You just have to move. This all-or-nothing approach is why dieters regain their weight, why no one gets passed the first two weeks of the new year in the gym, and why people give up every. single. day.

Start slow, make one change, and try following the tips below to begin your journey.

1.     If you get bored, exercise. Any time you have free time and find yourself binging Netflix, start stretching while your show plays.

2.     Run/walk/bike/crawl one mile as fast as possible, at least three times a week (try to work it up to five).

3.     Don’t drink soda. Not even diet soda. Get juice until you can work your way to only drinking water/coffee/tea.

4.     Educate yourself. A lot of times people starting out don’t know where to start, or what to do. There are tons of at-home exercises you can do, and YouTube is the best (free) way to learn how to do them all. Start with the basics; push-ups, planks, squats, wall-sits. Then branch into some yoga videos; they will do wonders for your endurance and flexibility.

5.     When you do not want to workout, tell yourself this; you just have to do 5 minutes of cardio. Once you start, you’ll likely be more willing to do the rest of the exercises you want to strengthen your body.

6.     Speaking of strengthening your body, do it. Yes, you need cardio. Yes, it burns a lot of fat faster the more cardio you do. However, if you want your skin not to sag, want to combat cellulite, and want to get somewhat into shape, you need to strength train. Start with body weight exercises at home, and once those become easy, start to add some external weight- you can usually pick up small dumbbell sets at your local consignment or discount stores.

7.     Don’t make yourself stick to a schedule. My problem with workout schedules is that once I skip one day, I want to skip more, because I already failed, so what’s the point? Instead, I will work out on my two days off (I work in retail management so my days change) and my closing shifts as much as possible.

Also, try to work on the 5/7 rule- do some kind of exercise five days a week (even if its only ten jumping jacks or a long walk), or the 4/7 rule if that’s how you want to start. The important thing is to make it a rule. Do not allow yourself to skip more than that, because it’s YOUR rule. Keep your promise to yourself!

These are the seven tips that I have been following for the last two weeks just to make myself get some kind of activity into my life, and for those others out there who fail because they put too much pressure on themselves, I highly recommend you just try them. Then when you’re ready, once you’ve cultivated some of these tips into good habits, add more structure and keep it going. That way, we can all accomplish our goals!

 Until next time,