Reset To Accomplish Your Goals


How are those new year’s resolutions doing? Great? Not so great? Kinda working on it still but also kinda ready to surrender?

Yeah, me too. But it’s not gonna happen!

I’m re-aligning myself to my goals, and I’m sharing that process with you to get us all back on track! Let’s start positive, shall we?

  • My GPA in my MBA program is above a 3.5 and I’m a year away from being done! That goal is doing well.

  • I did re-design this blog, and while I do not have a ton of regular readers, I’ve got all the planning done to get my content up regularly- every week, or at least a few times a month. 

  • I did come up with a full plan for my first e-book. It should be a great read, when I finally get around to writing the rest of it.  

  • I have reached a new level of spiritual peace, focused on the law of attraction. I have not mastered it by any means- letting go and trusting the universe to provide is very hard for a perfectionist control-freak like me, but progress is progress.

Looking at these positives, it is clear that I have been focusing on my mind for the first month of this year, trying to get it in the right place. I love that, truly I do, but my mind alone won’t help me move the number on the scale.

Having these plans also won’t make these goals accomplish themselves!

So, as of now, my remaining goals include:

  • Losing 30 pounds

  • Writing my first e-book

  • Making this blog successful

  • Getting my finances in order 

  • Connecting to my higher self on a regular basis

  • Developing truly healthy habits in both mind and body

So, how will I reset myself to reach my remaining goals?

Step One: The Clean Slate.

Minimalism is the path to clarity in this case. My wardrobe needs a deep clean and refresh, especially my work clothes. I also have so much paper in this apartment that I’ve been afraid to deal with it all for months (bills, statements, etc.), and I desperately need to minimalize my book shelves so I can make room for books that bring me true joy, and make room for my growing crystal collection.

There’s also some deep planning that needs to take place on how these goals will transfer themselves onto my completed list. This may include planning my workouts, setting plans in place for when I get lazy, following motivational YouTube channels so that I always have something to get my mind in the right place, or planning my morning and night routines to be as productive as possible.

Step Two: Visualize.

Part of the law of attraction is visualizing, and while vision boards and planning help, really focusing on what the goals look and feel like is extremely important.

For example, since I am really focused on losing weight, I like to meditate and focus on what it feels like to weigh 125 pounds. I have to visualize what it sounds like, what it physically feels like, what it looks like, how it tastes, how it smells- all of it. How does being healthy make me feel? Not just the five senses in this case but also the emotions- how does it really feel to reach my goals?

Visualizing does not focus on the how- I am not visualizing what the gym smells like, because what we want does not always come to us in ways we may expect. So if I focus on how the gym feels, I am limiting myself to that one specific way. But what if I lose it just from dieting? Or from mountain biking? Or kick-boxing? Don’t limit yourself by worrying about the how, or what is realistic. Focus on what you want, and how it feels, but not on how you will get it.

Step Three: Release.

This is the part I struggle with the most. I am absolutely a worrier. And a control freak. I am lucky that the law of attraction does not immediately manifest my thoughts because with the amount of times I have jumped to the worse-case scenario in my mind, I would be a goner.

The best way I have found to do this is to light a candle. Then, I will meditate. I will visualize everything I want in exquisite detail, send a prayer to the universe, and when I am done, I will let it all build up inside me, and blow it out with one long breath- taking the candle flame with it. The other best practice I have found is to act as if it is already promised to you.

For example, I know the 125lb fit body that I desire and visualize is already promised to me if I only take action to get there. So I do not have to worry about it anymore; I just have to let it go and take inspired action. 

You can use whatever form of letting go you’d like, but this works best for my own brain.

 Step Four: Take Action!


We’ve reset, we cleaned out our environment, we got organized, visualized what we want, and let it go. Now it’s time to truly restart.

Start today. It does not matter if its five push-ups or writing one paragraph of the book you desperately want to write. Maybe it is just signing up for a free class or researching how to do something you want to learn about. Just take five minutes and begin!

It may be too late in the day for me to go to the gym, but I can research YouTube channels with good at-home workouts and save the videos to use first thing in the morning. I may be too tired to create a whole manuscript, but I am not too tired to search character development on Pinterest and save some infographics to a career board.

There is always something you can do, some small step toward your goal. So go do it! 

Now, I am going to go get started, because one way or another, I am going to weigh 30lbs less next January. That body is already waiting for me, and so are your goals!  

Until we meet again,