2019 Self-Improvement Reading List

I have pretty hefty reading goals for this year, with my plan being to read two books a month, start to finish. As of now, I am done with both my fiction and non-fiction book choices for the first month of the year. I am about 50% done with February’s fiction and have only made a small dent in the long non-fiction I chose for the month, but I still plan to finish it before March 1st comes around.

I am an avid fantasy reader, so a lot of the books I read will delve into realms far separated from this Earth. Half of my books, however, will simply delve into my own mind. That is why this list has 12 books, one for each month, based on improvement. Basically, this is my non-fiction reading list, the reading list meant to improve upon my mind and my life and bring me new senses of clarity.  

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Reset To Accomplish Your Goals

How are those new year’s resolutions doing? Great? Not so great? Kinda working on it still but also kinda ready to surrender?

Yeah, me too. But it’s not gonna happen!

I’m re-aligning myself to my goals, and I’m sharing that process with you to get us all back on track!

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My (Modern) Spirituality, Explained

My belief system is unique, and I understand that a lot of women and men my age have been discovering new belief systems related to the law of attraction. I know the healing crystal trend is pretty big right now (Kyanite is my personal favorite) and that tarot cards are still seen as something dark and unholy by a lot of people who hold onto traditional belief systems.

However, it needs to be said that beliefs are allowed to change. People are not static beings; we grow, we learn new things, we find new interests and develop new skills, and all of that is okay, both in the material and the spiritual world.

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18 Things to be Grateful For in 2018

I’ve suffered from depression before, and from feeling hopeless. There are good days and there are bad days, and on the bad days it can be hard to be grateful for anything. Which is sad, because the bad days are when we need to be the most thankful. I have made this list for those days, or anytime we need to find something to be thankful for- it’s mostly universal, and by focusing on what you have instead of missing everything you don’t, you’re almost guaranteed to lift yourself up!

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