My (Modern) Spirituality, Explained


 I am not religious.

This post does not support any one religion, nor do I support any one religion. My beliefs are not stated here to offend anyone. I am writing this after years of self-discovery and recent changes, and because it was requested that I explain exactly what I believe in. This post is an attempt to explain my spirituality as it stands at this moment.

To begin, let me give you a general list of things I believe in:

  • The law of attraction

  • Intuition

  • Karma

  • A higher self

  • Energy

  • Meditation

  • Tarot (Not psychics. Again, we will get to this)

  • Healing crystals

And I am dabbling into:

  • Astrology (Not basic sun-sign stuff, but real astrology)

  • Numerology

My belief system is unique, and I understand that a lot of women and men my age have been discovering new belief systems related to the law of attraction. I know that healing crystals seem like a really big trend right now (Kyanite is my personal favorite) and that tarot cards are still seen as something dark and unholy by a lot of people who hold onto traditional belief systems.

However, it needs to be said that beliefs are allowed to change. People are not static beings; we grow, we learn new things, we find new interests and develop new skills, and all of that is okay, both in the material and the spiritual world.

If I went into my entire spiritual history, we will be here for a while, so if you guys want a separate post on that, comment here or on my Instagram, @tawny.schafer.

Most religions have a few basic things in common. One is a higher being of some sort (God, for example) and something called the golden rule (do unto others as you would have done to you, or something like that). In those two items, my own spirituality is the same.

I refer to my higher power as the universe, or my higher self. Yes, they are the same thing. They are made of the same energy. And that is where what I believe in is very different from normal religions. Most traditional religions see human beings as completely separate from their divine being.

I see myself as two things; my ego and my higher self. My ego wants material possessions; my ego is the thoughts that enter my head, and it often cares too much about the world around me. My higher-self, however, observes my ego and knows that I am not my body. I am not just bone and muscle and blood, but something more, and my higher self does not care about the effects of this world; it cares for my purpose within it. If the ego is my mind, my higher self could be called my true soul.

My higher self is most evident when I am meditating, which is why meditating is high on my ritual list; meditation is how I separate myself from my mind. Instead of letting my mind run rampant, I connect to my higher self and watch as my ego tries to interfere, usually coming from a sense to defend, but it cannot. My higher self is made of the same energy as the universe, and it has chosen to inhabit a physical body for some bigger purpose before returning to the same universal energy when I eventually pass on.

What about tarot? Well, my dad would probably say that I am inviting demonic energy into my home just by owning a tarot deck (I am honestly not sure he’s noticed that I have four).

You don’t have to like tarot, but if you don’t,  you should probably get rid of all your playing cards, too, because they are based on the same system. The queen of cups and the queen of hearts are the exact same card, to be honest. The only difference is the major arcana- you know, the chariot, the moon, the sun cards, etc.- but those are special. I’ll get more into tarot in a later post, but I do not try to use them for any psychic interactions. 

The reason I don’t believe in psychics is because if they were a thing, I would probably be one, and therefore know it. What I do believe in is energy, like I said, and messages from my higher-self (you know, like when your god sends you a sign?). To me, tarot are direct signs. I meditate, ask the universe a question, shuffle my cards, and let my higher self-answer me however she deems fit to do so. I also believe in my intuition; those gut reactions and goose bumps I get when dealing or sensing certain things that tells me when something is important or wrong. I do not refer to my intuition as psychic, but I do trust it, because I believe that my body can pick up on certain energies if I am paying attention. Also another reason meditation is so important. 

Law of attraction is also huge in my belief system; it is basically the sun that my universe revolves around. Law of attraction basically says that like attracts like. If I am positive and living a good life, good and positive things will be attracted to me. If I am negative and not taking care of myself, I will be more likely to attract more negative things in my life. It is for this reason that karma is also on my list; what you put into this world you will get back, whether you want to or not.

I also believe that you can use the law of attraction to manifest the things you want. If you can raise your energy to the same level as the items you are trying to attract into your life, you will manifest it quicker and easier than before. There are ways to accomplish this, but again I will have to eventually do another post to explain it, if that is something anyone would like to learn more about.

Now, to answer one of my most asked questions; how can I believe in all of this spiritual stuff and be scientifically educated at the same time?

 That is a fairly easy answer, too.

I can believe it, because even if nothing I believe in is true, even if all of this is just some kind of hippie trend re-emerging and I just hopped on board, there is one irrefutable scientific principle that influences every single person on this planet to some extent; the self-fulfilling prophecy

The self-fulfilling prophecy was perhaps the first law of attraction synonym I had ever heard, and it is defined as “a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior.’  

Now, I could be wrong. Nothing I believe in may be true. But the beauty about the law of attraction, and the self-fulfilling prophecy, is that if you believe something, and you trust in something, it will come into existence. So even if I am wrong, and I just happen to be accidentally getting everything I have ever wanted because of a self-fulfilling prophecy, does it really matter? I am still getting everything I have ever wanted. I am manifesting my dream life whether I am right or wrong, and honestly that to me is evidence enough that I am not wrong at all.

And, fortunately, you do not have to take my word for it. The law of attraction dates back centuries, and is used so often in modern-day teachings that most people do not even know that is what they are learning.

I once overheard at a sales conference that you have to “feel the sale” before even attempting to sell an item. Guess what? That’s law of attraction at work. If you feel like you already have something, it is yours and will manifest into your life.

I can do much more posts on the law of attraction, tarot, mental health, and much more, so if you have any requests, let me know. Follow me on instagram for all the blog updates, and let me know what you want more of, or if you have any law of attraction success stories to share with everyone!

 Until next time,