This Is Your Wake Up Call

This is your wake up call.


I have nothing to teach you that you do not already know.


I have nothing to give you that you do not already possess within yourself.


I can only tell you, shout at you, whisper to you, to wake up.


You’ve been asleep for too long, and the universe has been calling, waving at you as your life passes by.


Here’s the thing though; while you may be incarnated again, or you may not, right now you are conscious through just this one life. Just one.


There are seas to cross, mountains to climb, and what are you doing? Sleeping? What kind of lazy excuse could you possibly give for this, for not showing up for yourself?


Probably the same excuses I’ve been telling myself for 24.5 years. I did not begin to stir from my slumber until last summer, so believe me when I tell you that I know how easy it is to sleep. But not anymore.


I am awake, and I am shouting at you now.


Wake. The. Hell. Up.


You have work to do. You have a light to shine, somewhere to be, something to do, someone to love, some desperate part of the world to light up. You have to write, to sing, to dance, to create, to love, to laugh, to LIVE.


The truth of the matter is, your life is too short to waste it working somewhere you hate, to be with someone you can barely tolerate, to try to communicate with people who will not hear you.


I see you. I hear you. Get up. Wake up. Scream it from the roof tops: “I AM AWAKE!!!”.


Go. Live your life, regardless of who tries to tell you to go to sleep. You only get one as far as we know, and no one is going to live it for you.  Do not worry about others;  they will not know what do to with you when you are awake. They are all too tired to keep up. Pass them buy, and live.


Go now.


This is your wake up call.